Songs My Father Taught Me

When my dad died 2 1/2 years ago, right after the DSO strike ended, I was reminded how he was my first and last hero. A teacher with a Masters from U Mich, he was eventually hired to recruit black students into U Mich. But he never lost his love for teaching science, bringing strangers together through singing or serving as a mentor for at-risk youth. At times his courage for entering some very dark homes to counsel youth bordered on naivete. And with infinite patience he met with much frustration. Yet he accepted this as part of the successes.

It was because of his example that I soon decided to leave Detroit Symphony and work CutTime full-time. And I accept frustration as part of success. But the prize, that of making a real difference in more communities than just Detroit, awaits for those who can model effective bridges for art music. It is Robert Frost’s proverbial Road Less Traveled as well as the triumphant conclusion of many a great symphony which led me to recognize this work is possible, repeatable and highly rewarding.
Thank you Dad!

About mrcuttime

Classical music bassist turned pioneering arranger-composer-conductor while a member of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Resigned from DSO in 2012 to continue growing, by connecting new audiences to symphonic music with two touring CutTime® ensembles, a hundred published symphonic reductions, his own award-winning romantic compositions, and a revolutionary club classical series.
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