Introducing CRD


Classical Revolution (CR) grew out of the Mission District of San Francisco in 2006 when SF Conservatory student-violist Charith Premawardhana began organizing quartet concerts at the Revolution Cafe in the Mission district. The series quickly expanded to other non-traditional settings across the city and eventually to 40+ cities worldwide. Each CR chapter is autonomous and tends to mix pedigree classical music with new music and various mashups, let go of most concert formalities, and support a wide community of musicians. CR and many similar New Classical organizations share the love, fun and beauty of classical with the curious— no matter what.


Classical Revolution Detroit 2010 Photo by Jon Luebke

The Classical Revolution Detroit chapter (CRD) was founded in 2010 by Detroit Symphony Orchestra bassist-composer Rick Robinson (Mr. CutTime) and is uniquely powered by his vast CutTime® catalog of symphonic transcriptions and Kresge-winning romantic-style compositions, some of which blend so well with urban pop and folk styles, black Detroiters are immediately drawn into the drama of classical.

Together, CutTime and Classical Revolution Detroit prove exactly how the classical tradition can be enjoyed broadly, playing proudly, crafting clever adaptations, mixing musicians and key information to set a personal context.  They both take classical boldly off the pedestal of the concert hall— amplifying so everyone can enjoy each other.

Man looks up from laptop to Classical Revolution Detroit

Classical Revolution Detroit at Majestic Cafe in Midtown 2010


CutTime String Quartet 2010 Photo by Bruce Giffin

Club classical is as electric and eclectic as it is charming and fun; an instant hit. Who is surprised that a little drinking, eating, amplification and anything goes begin to connect new listeners with fine art? Significantly, Detroit is the only CR chapter led by an African-American, In 2012 Robinson also launched a CR chapter in Grand Rapids (MI) with symphony musicians.

It’s time to cut loose with classical anyplace where people discover other music. As it reaches a critical mass, expect to see a healthy appetite for concerts.

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