Music School

How could CutTime inspire and prepare our students, faculty and community for the new economy in the classical music industry?

We are so excited for music students today, because they will decide what it means to be a 21st-Century classical musician. Using the public domain music, digital tools, diversity and talent available today, CutTime describes a hybrid model adapting classical music quickly. CutTime Productions uses and teaches Finale® software, including dozens of shortcuts.

We are publishing our catalog of 70 symphonic covers such as Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks, and funky new originals such as Gitcha Groove On!, so orchestra musicians can surprise new audiences everywhere. The skill-sets required to create more surprise form the arms by which our cultural institutions will embrace wider communities with both intimacy and quality. To do so is not the dumbing down artists fear but rather the warming up the students want to connect their friends with their chosen art.

We are in the inspiration business after all.

By teaching from our vast experiences, music and engagement methods, CutTime is planting seeds for real and positive changes throughout the classical music industry. We show students the basic and added-value structures that facilitate meaningful exchanges between major institutions and their wider communities.

CutTime is the only artistic enterprise in the world dedicated to presenting symphonic music as chamber music. To that end CutTime offers the same menu of services and catalog to music schools as to orchestras.
To learning institutions we offer the following in addition:

  • Lectures and discussions to embrace a progressive future for classical
  • Lectures and discussions in paradigms and methods for effective relevance-making
  • Lectures and discussions on methods for audience participation with classical

CutTime Players rehearsal at Hot Springs Music Festival in 2012