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I don’t want classical music to change.


Crain’s Detroit Business recognized CutTime Productions in 2013 with a social entrepreneur award, saying “Rick Robinson is bringing classical music to the masses— which may be one of the most challenging jobs in all of music.”

The ironies of the human condition make great art. Bringing a mass of new listeners into classical music is even more paradoxical and so is itself a new art form. Those of us who believe in the potential benefits of classical and symphonic music, realize that this is exactly what needs to be done to build future audiences. Our institutions such as orchestras are trying very careful changes, while CutTime® can explore a broad range of bolder modifications to open up classical for curious music lovers. All of these are needed to stem the tide of the audience decline in progress— and you can help.

CutTime is the only artistic enterprise in the world presenting so much symphonic music as intimate chamber music. Far from a replacement, CutTime brings low-budget, small-scale, informal performances and interactions to honor both sides of the arts coin; the side facing traditional audiences and the side facing a community of young Americans who don’t believe classical has anything to offer them. We believe that nearly half of any group of people can access classical music when truly engaged with personal context, intimacy, passion and humor. CutTime needs help upgrading our capacity to get more young and non-white listeners to hear their lives reflected and transformed in classical expression.

CutTime complements the world-class tradition, as an ambassador for the wider community with burning questions for their orchestras. CutTime began in 1993 within the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to share the keys into its music; keys even veteran listeners are surprised to learn. Supporting CutTime feeds the underserved with nourishing connections and avenues to both peace and self-empowerment. This nourishment includes activities, interviews and other close encounters with fine art music. Join the many Detroit philanthropists who have contributed to this vision since 2011.

How can CutTime be sure its methods are working?

With less than 5% of Americans actively interested in attending classical music events, we improve the conversations about classical. Exposure with personal context is a critical key. Research shows that stories surpass data in generating enthusiasm and support. Similarly, the best metrics are not measurable; usually newcomers surprised to find themselves under the spell of classical. The homeless call it beautiful music. The young say, It’s a great sound. One elder tearfully recalled playing violin as a kid in school. Another brought her violin to play Eine Kleine Nachtmusik with us. Some elders start to tear up (shining eyes). Some young adults stop talking and listen for a while. Everyone learns something.

CutTime’s is pioneering new concert presentation styles, events really, in both concert halls and clubs. We can make them so powerful, so connecting, so hell yeah, that new fans begin to follow CutTime and classical. These connections are largely made by personality. So CutTime recruits musician-personalities to step up to the microphone, become fearless, audience-centric and adaptive.

Attracting new fans to classical, we can’t use the same ways we attract traditional audiences. We must respect some of the production values familiar to each audience. Initially, the refinement which defines classical music is distracting many from discovering the spirit and rhythms of the music. We must provide steps to listening meditatively in traditional concerts.

Help us embrace the wider, casual community with the healing powers of classical music. It is a mission of love (agape), which then spreads unpredictably. Together, we might just save some lives.

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