We enjoy having classical music, but sales are too low to maintain it. How can we build new audience for it without losing existing patrons?


Without pointing at causes for classical audience decline, let’s look at what we CAN do—
to share concert music with curious young music lovers waiting for the industry to adapt. Perceived value, convenience and price matter most when offering any new service. People will pay reasonable ticket prices when they expect the value to be even higher. CutTime is dedicated to presenting symphonic music as chamber music and offers the added value of deeply connecting with new audiences with amplification, hosting, participation, personal context, analogies, guests artists, historic overview, crossover, games and hot new music.

That’s why CutTime® recommends week-long residencies. They give us a chance to put the word out on the street, to show up in the community and sample those values across your city. Our high energy teasers and practical answers to burning questions create trust, surprise and curiosity. We are resetting the context of classical music in personal, fun and interactive ways, esp. with your young adults, ethnic communities and even your patrons. Drawing our new friends to your venue for a long community concert evening with some local creatives, CutTime may surprise you with how quickly the community changes tune.

Many ensembles will perform great concerts and masterclasses. CutTime goes further:

  • Performing familiar symphonic works within intimate settings
  • Offering unique special and holiday programs
  • Hosting casually, sharing key information into the sport of classical music-making
  • Performing accessible new compositions, some of which reference pop aesthetic values
  • Creating and rewarding curiosity by answering the burning questions
  • Framing classical as an alternative to balance with pop; comparing them lovingly
  • Drawing from dozens of effective analogies inspired by 22 years in a major orchestra
  • Performing classical amplified in bars, restaurants, clubs, even schools
  • Bringing its own amplification system
  • Reaching effectively into black and Latino neighborhoods with the why and the how
  • Leading audience activities which bring new listeners into the center of music
  • Giving a broad overview of music history which gives context to the classical tradition
  • Performing with your local musicians who already have community connections
  • Leaving some of this music for those local musicians to continue this outreach

We want to facilitate artistic meetings between diverse communities and cultural institutions, to build new bridges, with authentic classical, open jams and artist exchanges. CutTime is a school of thought enjoying both sides of American culture; raw and refined.

Experimentally, each CutTime event can be hosted on a scale from 1 to 10, according to the intended audience. 10 means fully traditional without any speaking from the stage, whereas 1 might be risky in the extreme! Practically, a hall concert might chose a setting between 6 – 9, whereas a club event might call for a 3 – 5. The presenter chooses in collaboration with CutTime. (Yes, 9.5 is also available.) Such a scale helps us to reset expectations.

Many of your veterans will also be excited to see classical loosen up— proving that the class of world-class is getting in the way of drawing the world. Getting beyond dumbing down is the warming up younger audiences require. Now is the time to grow such a new series, while maintaining traditional concerts.

It’s time to cut loose with classical!

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  • Contact us for more information.