Audience Testimonials

U of M Dearborn student after Simfonica concert
Attending this concert was a great experience for me. My music taste is usually very limited, and I only listen to a few types. I never thought I would actually enjoy listening to classical music. This was the first time I paid attention to the music and the feelings that come along with it, and it has completely changed my perspective.

Review of Gitcha Groove On! Promo video on Reddit.

This is wonderful! I try and get all my friends into classical all the time as my tastes for anything else dwindle. Also, that bassline in Pork n’ Beans is sexy!

This is the first time i have listened to “classical music meant to be more universally enjoyable” that really sounded enjoyable.

… we get to the figured bass and solo violin at around 4:35— now that is funky classical! That’s really something special in that passage for a minute, because it’s got “classical” counterpoint and development, but it also has a genuine “groove” that could keep a smoky nightclub going at 10pm.
I like some passages of the music in the video better than others, but I’m a really big fan of what you’re doing, and of the direction you are heading.

One could consider Bartok as a basis for a similar idea. A lot of his music has ‘grooves’ but is also incredibly contrapuntal at times.


Greg Sandow‘s reaction to Robinson’s music on a League of American Orchestras 2013 Conference Video 


mindonoverdrive on YouTube channel 

Rick is such a wonderful talent and a visionary in bringing classical music intricacies to another level.  I first heard City of Trees and Pork and Beans almost 2 years ago and kept up with any news I could about what was going to be breaking out in this CutTime music fest.  His compositions are a glorious breath of fresh air to classical music lovers but more importantly the “not-so-into classical music” are drawn to listen without thinking before they find themselves smiling or moving along to the music.  Rick if you weren’t a Detroit born and bred man, I’d say move yourself to Atlanta and start a revolution here.  A man who brings funk into classical music is indeed my kind of original musical genius. Yep.