Presenter Testimonials

Have you presented a CutTime ensemble or CutTime music with your own musicians in the last 5 years? Do you think CutTime is unique and marketable? Then please write a recommendation in the comment form below which other presenters will read. It would be helpful to know a little about your venue size and series. Thank you for your time!

Here is some music to inspire you. 

Here is a published blog review by Joseph Patti, presenter of Vern Riffe Center for the Arts of Shawnee State University in Southern Ohio.

4 Responses to Presenter Testimonials

  1. The National Gallery of Art music department was very pleased to include the CutTime Simfonica in its 65th American music festival in November 2013. The ensemble’s attractive combination of jazz, compositions by black American composers, and repartee with the audience enhanced our festival and broadened its appeal.

    Stephen Ackert
    Head, music department
    National Gallery of Art
    Washington, DC

  2. The Fair Lane Music Guild was thrilled to present a performance by CutTime Simfonicia in February entitled “February Fireworks.” The wonderful program included music of Mozart and Duke Ellington, as well as Rick Robinson’s popular “Pork ‘n Beans” and Mahleresque “Idyll for Solo English Horn”, and concluded with Enesco’s gypsy “Romanian Rhapsody No. 1.”

    We hold our concerts at the historic Henry Ford Estate, and have a maximum capacity of 150 guests per concert. It’s an excellent setting for chamber music. We usually have a small contingent of college students at any given performance, but this night we had over 60 students who attended, largely because their professor knew that CutTime Simfonicia would be an excellent way to introduce classical music to her students.

    Karen Holland
    Coordinator, Fair Lane Music Guild
    Dearborn, MI

  3. PVS Chemicals hired the CutTime Sifmonica to play holiday music at the office for an employee party. The music was wonderful and the performance was interactive. Great presentation – included interesting information about the compositions and an introduction to the very talented musicians. They are professional and extremely talented. We will have them back again.

  4. I can’t recommend CutTime highly enough. They’re great at what they do, and a pleasure to work with. On Oct 1, 2014, CutTime Simfonica performed for students at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and I was the organizer for the event. Rick was an ideal collaborator in every way: responsive and adaptive to our needs, offering creative ideas and great suggestions which made the event a “fit” for our student audience, at all times professional (and punctual!). His very genuine enthusiasm and conviction in his work are contageous. His players were similarly professional and responsive (one violist cheerfully took time to meet with a group of twenty students afterward for an extended Q & A session). For many of my own students, this was their first experience of “classical” music and responses were strongly positive. Several expressed surprise at how much they enjoyed it. I’d like to see CutTime performing for audiences everywhere.

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