What can CutTime offer that
our own musicians and staff can’t?

To address the continuing dilemmas facing orchestras today, CutTime Productions offers the highest value, building new audiences with intimate and replicable services. Ideal for education and community engagement (EDCE) events, CutTime® has a menu of unique music, variety programs, engagement methods and a game-changing attitude to effectively demonstrate what orchestras do, who plays in them, and why and how that can matter to new listeners today.


Yes, most ensembles can perform week-long residencies. CutTime goes much further:

  • Performing familiar symphonic works within intimate settings and with drama
  • Offering unique special and holiday programs
  • Hosting casually, sharing key information into the sport of classical music-making
  • Performing accessible new compositions, some of which reference common pop values
  • Rewarding and creating curiosity by answering the burning questions
  • Framing classical as an alternative that balances with pop; comparing them lovingly
  • Drawing from dozens of effective analogies inspired by 22 years in a major orchestra
  • Performing classical amplified in bars, restaurants, clubs, even schools
  • Bringing its own amplification system
  • Reaching effectively into black and Latino neighborhoods with the why and the how
  • Leading audience activities that bring everyone into the center of music
  • Giving a broad overview of music history, giving context to the classical tradition
  • Hiring your local musicians who already have connections in the community
  • Modeling new ways, attitudes and sheet music for musicians to create bold initiatives
  • Leaving some of this music behind for those local musicians to continue this outreach

These chamber reductions of symphonic music are accessible, rich and demonstrative. The award-winning compositions by Director Rick Robinson feature comforting tonality with memorable melodies, sometimes alternating with familiar urban pop or folk grooves. These blend instructively with counterpoint, modulation and development.

Robinson leads them effectively, whether from his instrument, conducting or simply hosting programs with a deep baritone. With 6-16 of your musicians, a week-long (6-day) residency with CutTime maximally includes Robinson directing 3-4 rehearsals with 2 ensembles in 2 educational presentations, 4 church and/or club events, all leading up to a grand evening at your home venue (6-8 services per musician). New orchestrations of Robinson’s compositions are ideal for education and community engagement (EDCE).

Our menu for these services and additional offers include:

    1. MIXED OCTETS WITH YOUR MUSICIANS. Present rich transcriptions of famous symphonic and piano repertoire in smaller spaces. Collaborating on programs, your orchestra would provide 7-8 musicians for a total of 6-8 services, to rehearse (1-2 times) with Robinson, to perform CutTime Players music for fl, cl, bsn, tpt, tbn, perc, vln, bass. Robinson would play bass, conduct and/or host. We would venture together into your urban neighborhoods with education services in schools, New Classical in restaurants and clubs, and more traditional concerts in churches. We recommend reapplying 2-3 weeks each season.
    2. STRING SEXTETS. Like service A., but you select 5-6 string musicians to rehearse (2-3 times) with Robinson, to perform CutTime Simfonica music. Adding one percussionist is recommended but optional, as are solo flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, alto or tenor sax. (String quartet versions are also available.)
    3. SWEET DEAL. For our full residency rate, at the end of 6-days working with your musicians, your library can keep half of the chamber music publications we perform.
    4. ORCHESTRA EDCE PROGRAMS. Rick Robinson’s surprising compositions for string, chamber or full orchestra are available for rental. Robinson is often available to conduct.
    5. CUTTIME PLAYERS PUBLISHING. Much of this music is available for purchase from the CutTime catalog of 90 chamber transcriptions and popular new compositions for 4-8 musicians.
    6. INTRODUCE CLASSICAL TO NEW AUDIENCES. Let CutTime create engaging encounters with classical music for your casual communities. Hosting performances, Robinson can engage everyone with key information, clever analogies, personal context, historical overview and audience activities. His examples encourage musician participation and innovation.
    7. LECTURE-DEMONSTRATIONS. Robinson offers short solo visits in schools, churches and community gatherings, to build rapport and potential partnerships. CutTime’s methods make classical music matter.
    8. FUTURE OF CLASSICAL MUSIC DISCUSSIONS. Robinson leads an internal discussion with your board, staff or musician committees with provocative questions and ideas toward a progressive and balanced future for symphony orchestras.
    9. TRAINING. Robinson instructs musicians to become community artists using CutTime engagement paradigms, methods and the strength of their own personalities. CutTime would identify and develop your musicians to arrange music with Finale® software.
CutTime Players plays for Detroit Public Schools

CutTime Players plays for DPS music students.