The intent instigator and director Rick Robinson intoned, slam poetry-style, at evening’s start: To knock classical music off the pedestal, have some fun, bring the music where the people are.
Cathy DeDe, Managing editor of The Chronicle

Mr. Robinson, in a sense, is a modern day Dvořák. Known as “Mr. CutTime,” this Detroit Symphony bassist is a passionate advocate for classical music and musicians stepping down from the pedestal of the concert hall and merging into the musical life of the community: schools, clubs, bars, coffeehouses…basically anywhere where people congregate. This is far from a new concept, but Robinson’s personality, aggressive advocacy of this, and his remarkable playing, composing and arranging skills put him in the forefront of this movement.
Jeffrey Rossman at CVNC

With the audience for classical music graying and dwindling, Robinson sees the need to make the music more inclusive. “Especially for people who walk by Orchestra Hall every day and have no interest in going inside — probably because the orchestra isn’t interested in coming out to the people and meeting them halfway.” He saw the need for a different approach. – Donna Terek at The Detroit News

Bassist Rick Robinson has always been a trailblazer and entrepreneur. He was just the second African-American musician in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra when he joined in 1989. Since the ’90s he has spread his wings as the founder of CutTime Productions, an umbrella for his activities as a chamber musician, concert presenter, composer, arranger, publisher, lecturer and advocate for broadening the audience for
classical music. – Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press
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The transcriptions are very well done. They are clear, concise and faithful to the originals. What they lack in terms of orchestral heft, they make up for in terms of clarity and lightness.
It is delightfully fun to play this repertoire in this format. These transcriptions would be great additions to outreach programs and other chamber music concerts. Mr. Robinson is providing a valuable and entertaining expansion to the bass player’s chamber music options. – Robert Black at Bass World

Thanks Rick I went to You Tube and listened to what you have done with fellow players from the Detroit Symphony to bring classical music to new audiences. I really think that you are doing something very significant. You are in the right place doing the right thing. Not everyone believes in God. I happen to. Whatever we find he wants us to make it better than we found it. You are certainly doing that!!!
Kenneth Greenwood comment at Greg Sandow’s blog

Rick Robinson is bringing classical music to the masses — which may be one of the most challenging jobs in all of music.
The former Detroit Symphony Orchestra bassist has loved classical music all his life, and it frustrated him that the genre struggled to find new fans. He couldn’t understand why the sounds that moved him so deeply should be cooped up in grand concert halls and churches, inaccessible to new audiences.
–  Crain’s Detroit Business Salute to Entrepreneurs

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Rick Robinson (Mr. CutTime)

Rick Robinson (Mr. CutTime)